Frequantly Asked Questions

  • Where can I purchase a sculpture from you?

I offer pre-made and commission sculptures here on my website periodically. Follow me on Facebook for updates.

  • Are your commissions available?

When my commissions are available I will post on Facebook. Generally, I will offer commission reservations and I let everyone know exactly when I am posting them so that everyone will have as equal of a chance of getting them as I can give.

  • Shipping/handling?

As far as I know, I can ship to anywhere in the world that USPS can. I know very little about customs charges so you will need to look into that for your destination.

Shipping Cost Estimates

US shipping

  • A package up to 8 oz (about 1 to 9 Dime Rats) would be $6.
  • A package up to 2 lbs (a cage or a medium sculpture) would be $15

Canada Shipping

  • A package up to 8 oz (about 1 to 9 Dime Rats) would be $16.
  • A package up to 2 lbs (a cage or a medium sculpture) would be $25.

International Shipping

  • A package up to 8 oz(about 1 to 9 Dime Rats) would be $20.
  • A package up to 2 lbs(a cage or a medium sculpture) would be $30.

*International packages can take around a month to arrive.*

*If you would like insurance or to sign for your package then let me know.*

Refunds: If sculptures are ever lost or damaged in transit, you will be offered a full refund or the option of replacing it. Since each sculpture is handmade, slight variations
will occur between original and replacement sculptures. I will also need a pictures if sculpture is damaged to help me correct it for future shipping.

  • What materials do you use to sculpt?

I mostly use Premo polymer clay and Cosclay, a variety of wires and aluminum foil. Acrylic paint and touches of chalk pastels or mica powders here and there.

  • What tools do you use?

I have a variety of tools that I can and do use but the most useful ones are my hands. C:

  • Can we trade art and/or collaborate?

This is a possibility but not a probability. You are always welcome to ask.

  • Will you donate?

It is likely that I will be very happy to do such a thing. Anything that helps a ratter in need is a good thing!

  • Use and care of sculptures?

My sculptures are intended for collectors and are not toys. They are not meant for small children. Please gift responsibly for the safety of your loved ones and your sculptures. Do not let them leap from high places. Keep out of direct sunlight and in a covered case to keep dust off. Though many parts are rather flexible, I do not recommend bending them.