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February 8th, 2017
Yay, Art Again!

Hey there, :)
        Holy cow, I have have been working a LOT! I just finished a month of working around 50 hours a week between two jobs. It was exhausting. I am now however, back down to one job and have time for art again!
        I have been recently considering streaming my art (on facebook) so that I can both show you how I create my art and answer questions right then and there, for those of you that are interested. I plan on trying this live thing on the 18th of this month somewhere around mid day PST.
        In the mean time, I still have many little art things I need to wrap up before adding new commissions but I will add more as soon as I can.
You are all so very great! Be well. <3
~ Eve

November 23, 2016

Hello everyone, :)
        I have really wanted to add on a few more commissions but recently I started a second job at an animal emergency clinic. It has been quite a lot to add to my plate and I do not think I am going to be able to take on more commissions until after the holidays.
        A long term goal of mine and my partner's has been to purchase a house and we are getting close. These additional hours should help me along. When I do have a house and a whole room devoted to my art, I would like to focus a great deal more time to my art. Until then, I must work and save!
        I will be offering some pre-made Dime Rats in my etsy shop within the next two weeks in the mean time. I will post soon with pictures and specific date/time.

I want to thank everyone for being so patient with my slow art and for being so supportive! <3
~ Eve

October 6, 2016
Going to Ratstock in Hillsboro Oregon

Hey guys, <3
        I will be at Ratstock on November 12 with many little Dime Rats! I hope to see you there. ^-^ I also plan on offering some more commissions soon after.

~ Eve

June 21, 2016
Commission Reservations and Pre-made Dime Rats

Hi there all, <3
        2 Commission reservations and some pre-made Dime Rats will be available on my Etsy Tuesday June 28th at 8am PST. For pictures of them check out my Facebook.

~ Eve

May 18, 2016
More Pre-made Dime Rats

Hello, <3
        I am offering pre-made Dime Rats and more on my Etsy Sunday May 22nd at 11am PST. For pictures of them check out my Facebook.

~ Eve

April 4, 2016
Pre-made Dime Rats

Hey there all, <3
        Ratapalooza was a delight this year and I am glad I started preparing so early!

        I will be posting several pre-made Dime Rats and more on my Etsy Saturday April 9th at 4pm PST. For pictures of them check out my Facebook.

~ Eve

March 6, 2016
Ratapalooza 2016

Hi! <3
        So, I have been a very quiet human being but I have been trying to work on creating rather than mingling. I am aiming to go to Ratapalooza again. I will also likely be offering pre-made Dime Rats afterward and probably some other critters too!
~ Eve

October 9, 2015
Update :)

Hello there everyone! ^^
        I have been slowly but surely working on commissions that I took on near the end of July (So long ago I know! Xo) . I will continue to slowly but surely complete them.

        Send me a message if you have any questions otherwise I will try to keep you updated here, on my Facebook page, my DeviantArt and my Tumblr. Thank you to everyone for your patience! <3
~ Eve

July 16, 2015
Dime Rat Commissions Available Soon!

Hi there everyone! ^^
        I will be offering some Dime Rat commission reservations on my Etsy this Sunday evening (7/19) at 7 pm PST.
If you have any questions let me know. C:
~ Eve

July 13, 2015
Mamma and Babies are Done!

        Yay, they are finally finished! I will put them up on my Etsy bright and early Tuesday morning (7/14) at 10 am PST.
        Each momma rat will have 6 babies (one being magnetized) for $20. The babies are about 1cm long not including their teeny tiny tails. Shipping in the US will be $3 and as long as you don't grab several of them shipping everywhere else will be $8.
        Also on another note, I will be offering a small amount of Dime Rat commissions soon. No medium sculpture at this time.
~ Eve

June 30, 2015
Slowly But Surely...

Hey there!

        I know I've been quite but I have not been idle! I have been working on these momma and babies as much as I can. There will be thirty of them and eventually I will be able to offer them to you. It has been interesting trying to finish them because the heat here this June has slowed the process quite a bit. Working with sticky tiny sculptures is near impossible! >.< So I have had to confine my work times to early morning and very late at night when it is cooler. Maybe some day I will have a little work space with air conditioning. I can dream, right? C:

Anyhow, take care my dears! <3
~ Eve

May 26, 2015
Pre-made Dime Rats

        I will be posting several Dime Rats on my Etsy Tomorrow (May 27th) at 4pm PST. For pictures of them check out my Facebook.

~ Eve

March 30, 2015
Commissions and Pre-made Dime Rats available soon!

Hello hello everyone! C

        I will be offering 1 medium sized rat sculpture and up to 15 Dime Rats as commission reservations on April 5th at 1pm PST through my Etsy.

        I also will be offering some pre-made Dime Rats on the 7th at 1pm PST and I am going to try to offer some of these more consistently as well. General color and marking requests are welcome and I will try to cater to them in the future. C:

        As for commissions, you will need to purchase a $0.75 cent commission reservation from my Etsy before you can order. Once you have a reservation then you can let me know what you would like to order via e-mail (nEVEr-mor@outlook.com) and I will give you an estimate of your total. If you would like an estimate before you get a reservation I can do that too.

If you have any questions, just ask!
~ Eve

March 15, 2015
Going to Ratapalooza!

Hello hello everyone! C

        I am super excited to announce that I am going to Ratapalooza on April 4th! So, because of that, I will not be taking on more commissions until probably April 5th. I will still give a weeks notice beforehand and I will be going through Etsy again.

        The other benefit of going to Ratapalooza is that I will likely have a lot of pre-made Dime Rats. So I will plan on offering some on my Etsy for anyone to purchase! Really it has been something I've meant to do for a while now since it is not necessarily easy to grab a commission from me. I am very open to suggestions and I would be interested to know if anyone is actually interested in pre-made Dime Rats. Oh and you will also likely see a few new accessories! ^-^

Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing well! <3
~ Eve

February 7, 2015
Commissions Opening Soon!

Hi there everyone!

        My commissions will be opening soon! I will be offering one medium sized sculpture and up to 24 Dime Rat commissions on Thursday, Feb. 12th at 1pm PST through Etsy. ~> nEVEr-mor on Etsy

        This month I will be posting nonrefundable $0.70 commission reservations on my Etsy. Each Dime Rat commission reservation will be for up to 3 Dime Rats. So if you want, say, 5 Dime Rats, then you would need to purchase two commission reservations. Keep in mind those cents are solely to cover Etsy/Paypal fees especially in the case that a soul chooses not to purchase their finished sculpture. Once you have purchased a commission reservation you will still need to send me your filled out form. I will then reply to you with your total estimate and wait for your reply in turn. Finally, when your order is completed, I will post it onto Etsy reserved for you.

        As always feel free to ask any questions you may have through any of my contacts!

Thank you so much and be well! <3
~ Eve

January 1, 2015
Hello everyone and happy new year! ^-^

        A heads up; I will be opening my commissions on the 6th of January at 11:00 am PST.

        Also, I am going to try taking commissions a little differently than I have in the past. I would like to cap the amount of Dime Rats that I make this month at 24 so that I do not get overwhelmed. What I'm going to do is this: I will make a facebook post (my facebook page is located here) announcing that my commissions are open and invite anyone to reserve them. If you would like some then you would just need to reply with the # of Dime Rats you would like and I will add you to my list on a first come first serve basis. I will be offering one commission for a medium sized rat sculpture at the same time as well.

        Feel free to ask any questions you may have on my facebook page! C:


December 14, 2014
Dime Rat Commissions Coming Soon!

        Just as a heads up, I plan on opening commissions for Dime Rats in January. C:


May 5, 2014
Dime Rat Commissions Are Open!

* Sorry guys! My Dime Rat commissions are currently closed.

        Happy Cinco de Mayo! My dime rat commissions are finally open again. If you are interested, feel free to fill out the form on my commissions page and if you would like to see more dime rat examples, visit my Deviant Art or my Facebook.


April 25, 2014
WIP Ready to Paint!

        Well, the life-sized rattie sculpture I'm working on is coming along nicely. He is all baked and pretty much ready for paint! I have not done much painting and hopefully I can improve from the last one I painted. I am probably going to do more painting on the tail than I do normally because the epoxy putty I used to strengthen it shows through more than I would like. Anyhow, I do hope you enjoy the WIP photos.

~ Eve

April 8, 2014
WIP Axel Sculpture

        This is my progress so far with the life-sized rat sculpture I am currently working on. It shows you a bit of my sculpting process. C:

~ Eve

March 31, 2014

        I went to Ratapalooza with my best friend on Saturday and it was a lot of fun! I got to meet many very nice people who also love rats, and there were so many adorable sweet ratties there as well that I could have just died of cute overload!
        I brought with me several little dime rats and I loved all the delighted reactions! I want to thank everyone who bought one or two of my tiny creations or even just ogled them. I hope they make you as happy as they make me!

~ Eve
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